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Get On With It Already!
Woa, airships?

Cows, Zula, and Greggor Twin Blade have all talked to the prominent council members in town about the Imperio Victorum demand for Ki’qu to join their empire.

Will, the dwarven owner/operator of Will’s Wheapons, is neutral about the demand.

Connor, ahuman and head of the Airship Workers Union (AWU), is against such a demand becuase it will directly impact the AWU’s wages, and he thinks that the Imperials are racist d-bags.

Octavius, a high-elf and the owner and patron of the Stratosphere Club, seems very interested in the business opportunities available if Ki’qu becomes an Imperial town.

Cows went so far as to speak with the judge for the Ki’qu District Territorial Court. Somehow he led her to think he was an Imperial spy who didn’t mind working for a typical racist regime. He left her office quickly.

The group had a run in with Imperator Locus Maximillian, the leader of the Imperial forces threatening the town. He was curt and did not say much to the party.

Greggor Twin Blade found Deputy Darkbeard posting a job in the Pathfinder Guild. The Sheriff for Ki’qu had gone to a meeting in the near town of C’Ball and had not returned. Darkbeard wanted someone to go find the sheriff. The town hired the party to go find the sheriff. They were provided the town’s airship and crew, two halflings named Buzz and Neil.

Kicking it in Ki'Qu
The Misadventures Begin

Cows and Greggor Twin Blade, friends prior to their journey to Ki’qu, meet Zula at the Pathfinder’s Guild. Cows is a half-elf ranger from the northern area called The Forest. Greggor Twin Blade is a half-elf rogue from the streets. They met previously at the Pathfinder’s Guild, had a few misadventures and became quick friends.

Enter Zula, a half-orc paladin of Nethys. It is unclear what the half-elves make of him, but Zula seems to be making a good name for himself.

So, the town of Ki’qu, pronounced KEY-quay, is located on two very important airship trade routes. Thus the town is small, but has a large transient population that moves thru town on a regular basis. The town industry is mostly geared towards supporting the airships and their crews, with several inns, bars, and equipment retailers.

Ki’qu is in the Free Frontier. This area is made up of free cities who formed a loose union to stay independent from the surrounding nations. The union has a standard currency and laws, but leaves the towns to govern themselves separately.

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